Monday, August 2, 2010

For Vince...

This post is for a courageous little boy; Vince.  I have never met him, but have chit chatted with his mama Roxanne regarding her cute, handmade hair bow creations.   I know she loves this little handsome boy with all heart heart and soul...and it broke my heart when I found out through a fellow blogger that Vince recently underwent emergency surgery for the removal of a brain tumor, and is now undergoing chemotherapy.  It is unbelievably heartbreaking to see that such a sweet little boy could sustain such tribulations at such a young age, but he is doing it! He is such a brave little boy, and I am sure he will fight this battle with all his might alongside his mama, papa, and new little brother, Louie.

Dear readers, please keep this little fellow and his family in your thoughts and prayers to whoever it may be... and ladies, these adorable, and fun hair accessories you see below are handmade by the very talented Roxanne, and are available for purchase.   So if you could spare a few minutes and you'd like to show some extra support to this loving family, please visit Roxanne's Etsy page Surely you can imagine that the family would greatly appreciate any extra assistance they can receive as I am sure that the medical costs for little Vince will continue to grow.

Vince, I know you WILL conquer this fight!  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loving family.  May God bless you and your loved ones little darling.


emma wallace said...

I will definitely visit her shop and am sending thoughts and well wishes to little Vince and his family!

Sea Doll said...

That little boy is sooo cute! I'm also sending prayers their way and I'm going to visit her shop definitely.