Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playtime with Goobie...

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of my little goobie, so here she is, all grown up!

I look at her now, and look at pictures when she was just a little bitty baby, and I'm amazed at how much she's grown and continues to grow! A few months ago, she was barely crawling, and now she is unstoppable! Running all over the place, getting into everything, she's even driving her own 'vroom, vroom'!! She's growing up right before my eyes, too fast I think at times! But thank goodness for being able to capture every possible little moment with the camera eye!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Stay Tuned...

Well hello there!

I'm sorry I've been M.I.A on blogging, but it's been a crazy two weeks. Our whole family was plagued with some type of stomach flu which started out with grandma, baby, mom and then dad. We all got better, but the goobster didn't so I worried, so off I went to the pediatrician's with her. I don't want to gross you out with the gory details, but let's just say I never imagined I'd be a pooper scooper! Now, it's a matter of finding out if there's anything going on like parasites, an infection, or it was that weird stomach flu that hit us all! Hopefully it's nothing major, but as a mom, just need to double check for my piece of mind.

Aside from that, a week an a half ago, it was my unhappy birthday...I was showered with some nice gifts from my loved ones but did nothing really. The day started out bad and it just got gradually worse as the day progressed! but overall I am thankful that I've been given the chance to see another birthday and that I spent it with the goobster =)

I have also been in and out of doctor's visits these past couple of weeks. I've been suffering from major pain in my wrists, forearms. We're talking about numbness, tingling, and burning! Docs have been running tests and today I went and saw the rheumatologist. He doesn't think it's anything more than carpal tunnel, but he wants to be sure, because one of my blood tests came back 'slightly elevated' so he's ordered more tests, more tests, as in having the vamps at the lab take 8 vials of blood! It's been crazy, but hopefully things will start to calm down soon..hopefully :)

Stay tuned, I'll be back shortly..hope everyone is having a good Monday and that everyone has a great week!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Being Bad Feels Pretty Good...

If you are or were a John Hughes movies junkie, you'll know exactly where the title of my headline is :) Yup, you guessed it "The Breakfast Club".

Sixteen Candles Pictures, Images and Photos

pretty in pink Pictures, Images and Photos

Wow, I can't believe he's gone..he was out taking his dog for a walk when his heart gave out..::sigh:: well Mr. Hughes, wherever you may be, thank you for gracing us with all those wonderful teen angst movies which all of us surely can relate to :) Thanks for Duckie, Andie, Bender, Bueller, the whole 'brat pack'
Farewell Mr. Hughes (02.18.50-08.06.09)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Viva Red!

I was in the ladies room at lunch refreshing my makeup this afternoon when I stopped at stared at my red lips.. I asked myself h
ow much longer will I wear red lipstick? When I'm 70 will I still wear it? you bet your bottom dollar I will! :)

Some days I try skipping red because I want to try the more 'natural' approach, or simply because I am too lazy to put it on..
and so I go with a pretty gloss, or I dab on plain ol' Chapstick but something just doesn't seem right, I don't feel like myself without my red lipstick!

What is it with red lipstick that I love so much? Well, I'm a transformed woman when I wear it! I feel pretty, classic, vivacious, daring, darling, sexy! yes, yes, Viva Red!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What will they think of Next?

Bebé Glotón

A Spanish toymaker known as Berjuan has developed a breast-feeding doll that comes with a special halter top its young "mothers" wear as they pretend to breast-feed their "babies." The halter top has daisies that cover the little girls’ nipples and come undone just as easily as the flaps of a nursing bra would.

The doll — called Bebe Gloton, which translates as “gluttonous baby” — makes sucking noises as it "feeds."

What will they think of next? What happened to dolls like the Cabbage Patch Kids? Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite?!

Would you buy this doll for your daughter? Personally, I would... but not until she's in her twenties! I understand they are trying to promote breastfeeding, but do they have to use a 5 year old to promote it? This doll should belong in a home economics class, not in kindergarten! Toys should be age appropriate, don't you think?

When I can't Sleep...

which is almost every day for the past two weeks arggh! I watch episodes of Bewitched on my G1 (too lazy to turn on the old dinosaur of our pc so I stay in bed and watch it from the comfort of my bed ;) ) This is one of my favorite episodes, so if you have a few moments to spare and you like Bewitched, I invite you to watch =D

"Darrin takes this Witch Samantha"
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 Love this part!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yes, Mommie Dearest...

Was Joan Crawford truly the tyrant her adopted daughter Christina portrayed in Mommie Dearest? or did she bend the truth just a tad because she was disinherited? I mean she made Joan out to be a vicious conniving bitch that stomped on everyone that was unfortunate enough to get within shouting distance!

I understand the concept of discipline, but to go the extremes of going completely off the wall over wire hangers?! and how about the scene where she chops Christina's hair because she caught her playing with her things? I don't know...just seems a little too extreme but then again there are people out there who go to the extreme..

After watching Mommie Dearest, there were a few things I learned from this movie was that

  1. my mommie dearest wasn't nearly as neurotic as Joan is portrayed, and I'm grateful for that!
  2. make-up can be scary especially when you're wearing cold cream, and red lipstick and you're yelling "No more wire hangers!"
  3. that gardening is a lot more fun when you do it in the middle of the night wearing a one of your best gowns!
Anywho, regardless if the story is true or not, the movie was quite entertaining, and if you haven't seen it, I advise to watch it.