Thursday, September 16, 2010


Like the petals of a flower in full bloom, we are all delicate souls. Unique in our own ways but easily broken if handled without care. Our beauty radiating in the light as we maneuver around the darkness that obstructs our path from our destination. Our roots expanding within the ground as we live on daily, trying to breathe, trying to survive another day. -Author Unknown


love is colder than death said...

did i miss anything here?
the Audrey Friday???

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Hi sweetest dear,

These words are so wonderfully lovely - rich in poetry and earnest truth about the complexity of life. Thank you for sharing this inspiring quote with us (I do so wonder who wrote it, don't you?).

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday & festively fantastic December ahead, darling friend!
♥ Jessica

Miss Go Lightly said...

Hi Jessica! Yes, I do wonder who wrote this wonderfully inspiring quote :) I hope you're having a wonderful festive December as well ;)