Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Going on?!

Seriously, is it just me or is the world gone mad to the infinite power?! Lately, all you hear on the news is tragedies, like that crash yesterday in La CaƱada killing a father and his 12 year old daughter, a day before that, two other people got killed in Hollywood for running a yellow light, over the weekend 1 USC student and a guy got hit by a car. It was a hit and run by the way, and the guy who hit them had the 'decency' to I quote from the news "peel" the guy off his hood, and then got in his car and took off. WTF??! The girl died, and the guy I believe is still in critical condition. Then there was the mom who 'accidentally' killed her 18 month old baby, but yet concocted a story that she was 'knocked out' for 6 hours when she came to realize that her child was gone!

And those my dears, are the stories we hear about on the so called 'news' , my point is what's going on with this place we call the world? Everyone is in a rush, bad mood, angry, hateful, why??!

The other day, I was minding my p's and q's walking to pick up my lunch, when this moron almost ran over me; missed me by inches, and almost hit a guy on a bike too! Now while I know that the following was not the 'right thing' to do, my instant reaction was to kick his car! LOL, bastard turned around and said 'hey' and well I then told him where to go! See, I've even fallen victim to the chaos in the world!!

Another example, while waiting to pay for our goods (yes, I used the word 'goods') with goobie at Wal-Mart, I was looking at the magazine rack next to the register, and looking around at the knick knacks in the racks, when this grouch in line behind me says...

Grouch: excuse me?
Me: yes
Grouch are you done shopping?
Me: yes, why?
Grouch: because you're still looking around, and I would like to go home and get this line moving!
Me: Well I'd like it to move too and get out of here, but what does me looking around have to do with that?!! If you wanted to go ahead of me, had you asked politely I would have let you go, but now #!@*&!

See what I mean? What's wrong my peeps??! Is all this madness going to get better anytime soon? Highly doubtful, but as someone once said in the midst of chaos "Can't we all just get along?"

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