Monday, June 15, 2009

The Adventure Continues...

I've gotten soo lazy with my writing lately..but finding the time to write is another issue :) but anywho, what has been happening you wonder? Well Goobie's b-day came and went so fast! I can't believe she's going to turn 13 months this week already! Am I going to start having to look into pre-schools already? Wow! Noooo! my baby is growing up too fast! People sure weren't kidding when they tell you to enjoy every little moment with the birthday party went wonderfully :) I didn't get a chance to mingle with anyone really though, I was running around tending to everyone and of course tending to the birthday girl :) It was great!

We took her to Disneyland too the following week, and had a blast! She did extremely well that day, she was in awe! To see that awe in her angelic little face was priceless =)

On the walking, she is still not walking...waiting patiently and impatiently when I hear some people making comments about her being a late walker, that it's the parent's fault for not 'helping' her walk, really bugs me..I've already checked with the doctor and her pediatrician said that from his observation she should be walking soon, and not to worry. If she gets to 18 months and is still not walking, then worry but he doesn't see that patience is key..but I could see it happening any day now :) but where she lacks in the walking department, she makes up for it in the 'babbling' department. She is picking up more words, calls me her name when I go into another room, calls her dad Charlie, our family dog's name lol, and says some words in spanish too! My little cookie is going to be bilingual =D ::crossing fingers::

She also continues to get into everything, and the word 'no' is our newly frequently used word around the house :)

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