Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kindle me...

What is with me and lagging on writing these days? I really do mean to write..have a lot on my mind, probably nonsense so find yourself spared the grief of reading my nonsense ;)

Anyway, see that electronic gadget above? Well it has become my new best friend! My Kindle and I have been inseparable since it was given to me as a thank you gift by my boss three weeks ago.

I was a bit skeptical when my boss wanted to raffle one of them at our mixer but then I was intrigued. I thought how convenient is that? an electronic book that weighs ounces, and books are downloaded with a press of a button on your pc or through your kindle via Amazon.com's exclusive portal; Whispernet.

I mean, sure I still love spending hours at Barnes and Noble even though I never can make up my mind as to what book(s) to buy, or I'm schlepping a bunch of them around, or my typical trip, I always end up gravitating towards the same books each time I go and end up taking..nothing at all! but with the Kindle it's different; someone recommends a book to me, or I hear about a certain book and I run a search on the Kindle, and Voila! it's there! I get to 'sample' a few chapters to see if the book is to my liking...no strings attached..and if I decide to go with a particular book, I can purchase it right there and then.

The cost you ask? Well, I'd say they are 10-20% less than if you were to buy them at the bookstore and there aren't any electronic transfer fees involved. And there is also a site called Feedbooks where you can download e-books for F-R-E-E! Their collection is not as vast as Amazon's, but they've got a good collection nonetheless. And you can also subscribe to your favorite newspaper, magazine or blog and download it to your Kindle too.

You know what else is neat? The fact that you can make notes, or highlight a particular passage in the book. You can also 'bookmark' and look up the meaning of unfamiliar words in the incorporated dictionary! You no longer need to run to your local dictionary or have a dictionary next to you when you're reading your book. Too lazy or too tired to actually read? No worries the Kindle has a 'read to me' feature, and you can choose between the sexy voiced male, or the sultry voiced female ;) oh, and you don't have to worry about charging your E-book every day. It goes on about 2 weeks without having to recharge it, and finally it's a space saver! No more clutter, or piles of books on the floor! I love it!

Have I convinced you enough to buy one yet? Sure, it costs a pretty penny, and I wouldn't have been able to splurge on such fancy gadget had it not been given to me, but if it had not been given to me I would have saved my nickles and dimes and bought it eventually. If you're a book worm like I am, it's definitely worth every $$, so put it on your wish list!

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Tracy ~ One Retro Mama said...

Thank you for leaving a comment linking me to this post!!! Wow i'm really impressed with the Kindle as you describe it!

I had no idea it could read to you and that you could bookmark things! I really should have read up on it sooner!

WOWOW I love bookstores I mean love them but being able to preview some of the book and how lightweight and portable.

Like you though it is one of those things I would have to save my pennies for.

Thank you so much for posting your experience with it.