Thursday, August 6, 2009

Viva Red!

I was in the ladies room at lunch refreshing my makeup this afternoon when I stopped at stared at my red lips.. I asked myself h
ow much longer will I wear red lipstick? When I'm 70 will I still wear it? you bet your bottom dollar I will! :)

Some days I try skipping red because I want to try the more 'natural' approach, or simply because I am too lazy to put it on..
and so I go with a pretty gloss, or I dab on plain ol' Chapstick but something just doesn't seem right, I don't feel like myself without my red lipstick!

What is it with red lipstick that I love so much? Well, I'm a transformed woman when I wear it! I feel pretty, classic, vivacious, daring, darling, sexy! yes, yes, Viva Red!!!

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