Friday, May 7, 2010

Audrey Friday

Let's face it...Audrey had STYLE.  She always looked good in whatever she wore, wouldn't you agree? With an innate knowledge of her flaws and attributes, Hepburn developed a unique style which perfectly complimented her personality and remained loyal to it throughout the seasons.
Over the years she would be responsible for bringing the little black dress, ballet flats, toreador pants and the black turtleneck to the forefront of fashion; all items of such simplicity that they still seem modern today. Standing at 5ft7' and weighing a mere 110lbs for most of her adult life, one of the great secrets of Hepburn's elegance was her extraordinary ability to exploit her strong points to maximum advantage.
"I'm not beautiful. My mother once called me an ugly duckling. But, listed separately, I have a few good features." -Audrey Hepburn

“I never thought I was pretty,” said Audrey about herself. She felt too skinny, too tall and too flat, and felt that her feet were too big for her size ( A size 8! ). This did not prevent her from learning to value her looks. “You have to look at yourself objectively. Analyze yourself like an instrument. You have to be absolutely frank with yourself. Face your handicaps, don’t try to hide them. Instead, develop something else.” This was an advice she gave to her fans. She would decline the offer to cap her uneven front teeth, she would also refuse to pluck her heavy eyebrows. Go Audrey!

Because of her height, Audrey made flat shoes and ballet slippers an integral part of her look. However she did not to hide her being too skinny. Her look in “Sabrina” brought out by Givenchy, had become legendary. This look emphasized deliberately Audrey’s slender figure.
 Her beauty secrets were revealed in a press release of December 29, 1953, where it was mentioned that she did not use a shade of powder and preferred the pale shades of lipstick at all times. She wore almost no jewelry and no furs.

“Jewelry just doesn’t suit me, and if I wear too much makeup, my face looks like a mask instead of me…Put me in furs and jewels, and I look like something off a barrel organ.”

Having learned to make her beauty choices, she had established a new standard of beauty.  Audrey Hepburn’s incredible style lives on in women all over the world.  Audrey remains a style icon. The simplicity, femininity and classiness of her style, is still prevalent in the collections of some of the most well known designers of our day, as well as in the wardrobes of many of us.  What is your favorite, signature Audrey look

  "It's So Audrey-Style Icon"


Pixie Drive-In said...

Fabulous post!! She is one of my biggest style icons. A beautiful woman, inside and out.

loveaudrey said...

Wonderful post! I'm not sure I can choose just one look that I love, although black capri pants, turtle neck sweaters and ballet pumps feature heavily in my own wardrobe.


lakhsmita indira said...

i just bought ballet pumps ;)

lakhsmita indira said...

wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.