Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Mister

Happy Birthday to my better half! Yes, his birthday is exactly a week after Goobie's.  He had hoped that she had been born on his birthday, but she decided she wanted out a week before! Boy, this month leaves me scrapping for change in my couches! but it's all worth it!  ;)

Anyhow, he has requested a steak dinner for his birthday dinner so this is what I have in store for tonight's dining affair thanks to the wonderful recipes of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  You have to check out her recipes!

followed by an ice cream cake. I had planned on baking a cake, but I'm running short on time, so I had to buy one...but I am sure he will enjoy it very much as it's mint chocolate chip; his favorite :) 

So off into the kitchen I go! Have a good evening lovelies!


Kristen said...

Yay for birthdays! My son's is coming up on Monday. And your dinner sounds delish - I love PW's recipes. Her Pasta Alla Vodka is wonderful. :)

PoorCollegeStudent said...

You are gorgeous!

Bossy Betty said...

Happy Birthday to the man!

Gingerella said...

You two look so cute together! How did the birthday dinner turn out?

Thanks for sharing the link to Pioneer Woman Cooks - I'd never heard of it before but I'm gonna enjoy exploring it!

Domestically Challenged said...

Love the couple pics!!! Cheers to Mr Go Lightly, Happy Belated Birthday!