Friday, September 18, 2009

A Dollar Can Still Go A Long Way...

And it can buy you make-up! and lotts of it! For a buck a piece, you can purchase the items I've posted below and many other make-up goodies at E.l.f (Eyes, Lips, Face)

All Over Color Stick all in one stick; for eyes, lips, and face for that glowy look
Duo Eyeshadows
Liquid Eyeliner
Look at these cool vintagy feel Lip Gloss Tins!

While I haven't tried any of these products personally yet ( I say 'yet' because I will definitely purchase some items!) I have heard good things about this line from friends, and ex-colleagues from the make-up industry.

They also carry amongst others, which are not $1.00 but the prices are still reasonable!

Happy Window Shopping!

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