Friday, October 23, 2009

Audrey Friday

Happy Audrey Friday! So...I just found out (where have I been hiding??!!) while reading the LA Times that LACMA (Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art) will be hosting an Audrey Hepburn marathon entitled "Audrey Hepburn: Then, Now and Forever." It will run until November 13 and features some Hepburn films rarely shown on the big screen, along with special guest speakers. I'm so excited! ::smiling from ear to ear:: so if you live in the Los Angeles area, and you're an Audrey Hepburn fan, or are curious to learn more about this wonderful, beautiful, classic lovely lady who once graced us, be sure to attend these fabulous screenings!

Tonight, starting at 7:30 there will be a double feature of Roman Holiday and They All Laughed with an introduction by director Peter Bogdanovich (who directed Audrey in Laughed). Tomorrow, Saturday, is another double feature with Breakfast at Tiffany's and Two For the Road, with an introduction by William Daniels, a co-star from Road.

The screenings continues with Sabrina, Love in the Afternoon, Charade, Wait Until Dark, War and Peace (wow!) and My Fair Lady. To see the full list of upcoming screenings, along with film and guest speaker information and screen times, go here yeah, I guess I'm just going to have to make a slight adjustment to my weekend plans until November 13th ::wicked laugh::

Hope you're having a lovely Friday darlings ;)


Dad.. said...

Happy Miss Holly Friday!! Glad you're back up and running Darlin'!

FrivolousFlapper said...

Oh my goodness! Wish I still lived on the West Coast. I would have made a pilgrimage. Guess I'll have to have my own little Audrey marathon here in my own living room.

Quick note: I meant to post your lovely locket today, but got diverted by other annoying distractions. I'll try to send it tomorrow! xoxo.

SarahDee said...

I'm ashamed to admit this but I JUST watched "My Fair Lady" for the 1st time yesterday...and it was the FIRST Audrey movie I've ever seen. And, wow she is AMAZING! :)

Frankly Miss Go Lightly said...

Awe, I'm glad you liked her! Yes, she is amazing ;)