Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meat is Murder...

The Smiths
Andy Rourke, Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Mike Royce
In a 1984 interview Morrissey stated that he chose the name The Smiths "... because it was the most ordinary name" and because he thought that it was "... time that the ordinary folk of the world showed their faces."

 If you know me, you know I am and will always be a fan of my absolute favorite, yet sadly and unfortunately non existent; The Smiths.  While I was in my preteen years when the band broke up, I was introduced to them during my Sophomore year in High School by a friend of mine.

I remember that my first Smiths album was The Queen is Dead (which I recommend it to be the first to listen to if you've never had a taste of The Smiths) and I was quickly drawn to their musical style, the angelic guitar playing of Johnny Marr, the quirky and mélange of lyrics sang by  Morrissey. Cemetry Gates, Frankly Mr. Shankly being the two 'happy' favorites and the sad, melancholy I know it's Over song were on repeat over and over on the good old CD Player.

I was drawn to his unique style, all the while thinking that he didn't have the best signing voice, but his lyrics were fantastic, and being a teen at that time, I felt that Morrissey knew what I was going through and that he wrote some of his lyrics specifically for me ::laughing:: be young again huh?

The cover for the album was an edited still from Emile de Antonio's 
1968 documentary In the Year of the Pig

Today marks the 25th anniversary of their 2nd album Meat is Murder, which was the band's surprisingly only number one album (out of 9 albums)in the U.K, so I thought I'd pay them a little tribute :)  

Meat is Murder was considered It their most "eclectic" album because of the various styles of musical styles that were incorporated which consisted of funk, rockabilly, ballad, post-punk, dance music, and their signature, alternative rock.

While "How soon is Now" (which was a B side track) is the song that some think 'made' this album, and one that is considered a bonafided track  due mostly to the teary and straight-to-the-heart lyrics: "How can you say I go about things the wrong way? I am human, and I need to be loved. Just like anybody else does." I'd have to say that my favorite song on this album is the overlooked and underrated Well I Wonder.  I think that it is one of the most alluring Smiths song, where Morrissey's vocals are beautifully haunting, and feel that the lyrics are very powerfully emotional. " Well I wonder, Do you see me when we pass ?I half die ...Oh ...Please keep me in mind, Please keep me in mind.." Here's a video of the song, if you'd like to listen.

Well I wonder

and a few other favorites of mine from Meat is Murder

That Joke isn't Funny Anymore

What she said

and yes I'll admit, even though I think that How Soon Is Now is a cliche Smiths song, it brings back great memories, and I still fancy it :)

The Smiths - How Soon is Now

Christopher! | MySpace Video

Morrissey, March 1985: "The whole idea with 'Meat Is Murder' was to control it totally, and without a producer thngs were better. We saw things clearer."

Morrissey, March 1985: "I didn't really have any intention of being misunderstood with the words on this LP. A lot of people wrote about the first LP and they said things that were very poetic and interesting and absolutely inaccurate. So I just felt that on this LP people should really know which hammer I'm trying to nail, as it were."

So that in a nut shell, a very small one if I may add, is a snippet of my little tribute for my lovies, The Smiths :)

Viva The Smiths Forever!

Fondly yours,

From the gal who was once called "The Charming Girl" ;) 


lakhsmita indira said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
this is...
this is AWESOME!
you're the coolest thirty-something mama in the universe, you know that???!!!

Vintage Mama said...

What a wonderful post. I wish, I WISH, I could love them like that but I can't. My step sister (whom I can't STAND) loves them and would play their music Totally killed it for me! I can't disassociate my (not so nice)feelings for her from their music.

Domestically Challenged said...

I too am a huge Smiths fan!!! I was doing to do a Smiths Soundscape for tomorrow's post. I even went to a Moz concert for my bachelorette party!!!

Great post!

Anonymous said...

You've got good taste (as The Cramps once sang), especially when it comes to Well I Wonder. It's "THE ONE".

Love and good vibes!

Simon Goddard

BaronessVonVintage said...

I got really into the Smiths in the late 90s during one of the most personally catastrophic and cathartic times in my lives. At the time, every thing Morrissey was singing about just felt SO relevant. Great tribute!!!