Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Pictures of the Day

A dance hall full of Jitterbug dancers taking a break from their dancing shoes and dancing to 
what seems like a slow song
A pair of ballet flats, penny loafers, and saddle shoes...this picture inspires me to
go out and get myself a pair of loafers and saddle shoes again! Wish I would have 
kept mine from High School!
  The original caption on this picture said that this was a jitterbugger 
using clear nail polish to keep her socks up! Very clever!


Judi said...

Gosh I never heard of the nail polish to hold up socks! I guess with all that gitterbugging, they would fall down. The pictures are fabulous reminders of a more simple time ~ Thanks for sharing. Judi

Sea Doll said...

I used to have penny loafers in the 80's! They were so cute & comfy. Never had saddle shoes. Maybe I'll find a cute pair!