Friday, July 31, 2009

5 Best this week...

Ok, I'm back...throughout the day I've tried to think of the 5 best things that have happened this week and this is what I came up with...

1. Made it through the week without any major drama and goobie hasn't had any falls, or stumbles, woop!

2. Got paid today! yay! Just keep a watchful eye on me because I might go on a pre-birthday shopping craze!

3. Thanks to Fleur de Guerre I found a new skin care regime. She recommended using old school products; Cold Cream and Witch Hazel. I'm two days in, and so far, my skin is welcoming the change! Fleur, if you read this..Thank you doll!

4. I have been able to find some 'me' time late at night. I had forgotten what it was like to just lay on the couch and watch The Golden Girls or read in a quiet house :)

5. I bought myself a pair of cute sling back wedges on Wednesday, a coral colored nail polish yesterday, and a pair of sunglasses which cost me a whopping $7.99; I found them while I bought my lunch at the local deli. I know they are not lavish purchases, but they mean a lot to me because I haven't treated myself to anything 'girlie' lately :)

So there you have it! We'll see what the weekend has in store for me, hopefully nothing but goodness and relaxation. Perhaps a trip to the beach...we'll see!

Wishing you a greeeat weekend!


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