Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mad Men Mania

So as I had mentioned in my previous post, my significant other gifted me with the second season of Mad Men, and since it was supposed to be a birthday present I didn't want to open the box until after my birthday, but I gave in to peer pressure and my need to see Don Draper and this past weekend all we did was watch Mad Men, dissecting the episodes as we went along. We didn't watch the last disc; leaving it until the premier date of Season three approaches! and decided to revisit Season Uno, so so far this week Mad Men has taken control over our TV and our lives! So much so, that we are even dreaming about Mad Men!

Oh, the picture above? ah well, thanks to the awesome creative work from Dyna Moe and AMC I was able to Mad Men myself! Pretty neat ey? The one is red is moi! ;)
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If you haven't seen Dyna Moe's illustrations, you're missing out on some neat's a snippet for your viewing pleasure

For more of Dyna Moe's Illustrations

Anyway, that's it for Mad Men mania for now, oh yes, there will be more! just thought I'd blog in between filing :)


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