Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everything Counts...

Happy Thursday Dahhlings!I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and that today is even better since we're only one day away from the weekend! Yay! My hopes of leaving early yesterday didn't come true as we had some unexpected fires to put out in the office, so I was left to guard the Fort until the end of the day..oh well!
Today I woke up humming Everything Counts, from one of my favorite 80s "Nu Wave" bands; Depeche Mode..guess my subconscious is trying to reawaken my penchant for 80s music LOL !so again I had to listen to the song in its entirety and of course why wouldn't I want to watch and hear a young, handsome,Dave Gahan

He and the rest of the band were too adorable! Ah the 80s!

Have a wonderful day dahhhlings, and stay posted for Thirsty Thursdays with Miss Go Lightly. I've got a yummy, tropical concoction in the works for you!

Yours Fondly,


Jessica Cangiano said...

What a fun 80s flashback! I suddenly want to tease my hair and rock an arm full of bangles :D

Hope you're having a rockin' day, darling gal!

♥ Jessica

Cat said...

I love your blog.. Thanks so much for visiting mine.. I replied to your email, but I got back an error code.. So I thought I'd come by and contact you here..

I'd love to help you with your blog.. You'd like to change to a 3 column? And redesign your header?

Feel free to email me at acrpaisleycat@gmail with your ideas..

I see you have a very lovely signature..


Miss Go Lightly said...

Jessica daahling, yes indeed! makes me want to go to an 80s club and dance the night away! Thank you as always for stopping by my humble blog doll :)

Cat, yay! you got my e-mail. I will write back to you :) and thank you for the compliment, I love your blog too! and yes, thanks to you I got myself a lovely signature ;)

Dad.. said...

Oh Yeah!! Everything counts in small amounts! This is actually on my ipod's 80's play list!

FrivolousFlapper said...

seriously, we might just be kindreds. This was mY FAVOURITE band in the 80s/early 90s. I had a really bizarre obsession with Martin L. Gore for most of my teen years. LOVE it