Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 40th!

It was exactly 40 years ago today, that Sesame Street; one of the most watched educational children's television show made it's debut on PBS.  And although, it has gone through some changes, its popularity remains strong among children and parents as well.  You have to admit that Sesame Street is just a genuinely good kids show!

I was just over at You Tube watching some older clips of Sesame Street, and I started reminiscing about how fun that show was! My favorites in the show  Count Von Count  , Oscar the Grouch, Count Von Count (his laugh is classic!) and the odd 'funny' roomies, Bert and Ernie 

Who were your favorite Sesame Street characters? and what memories do you have watching Sesame Street as a kid?

Remember this song?

Good ol' Bert and Ernie!

"C" is for Cookie Om nom nom nom!

and The Count and Cookie Monster Cooperate


Domestically Challenged said...

Fantastic post! I will have to think about this one and come back...

Your new look is adorable! My fave so far!

Miss Go Lightly said...

Thank you doll! LOL, there was a glitch in the other background I had, so maybe it wasn't meant to be! glad you liked the post, and yes please share who were your favorites!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Sesame Streets will always remain as one of my favourite shows, no matter how old I get. I still watch it sometimes when just feel like I need to escape the chaotic-ness of adult life and smile along with Elmo and Big Bird once more :D

Lovely post, sweetie, thank you for sharing these adorable clip!
♥ Jessica